Effectively manage your laboratory’s microscopic and macroscopic imaging.

CaloPix is the most effective software solution for managing all microscopic and macroscopic images produced in the pathology, hematology or histology laboratory.


Integrated with the Networked database Laboratory Management System CaloPix offers better work load management and increased productivity. Connected to the imaging networks of TeleSlide's sharing servers, this solution ensures optimal circulation of information with your employees and associates, meaning overall improved communication. Developed to meet the requirements of both biologists and pathologists, CaloPix offers a multitude of analytical aides and tools for more accurate diagnoses.

Effective management of your digital slides and your work flow

  • Automatic import of microscope or scanned images
  • Local and remote viewing of your images
  • Structured annotation and measurements
  • Batch-by-batch processing
  • Digital slide facilities
  • Searchable image banks
  • ...

Sharing images for patient healthcare

Thanks to the full web application CaloPix, developed in HTML5, you can view and share indexed images in your CaloPix database, logging in from any terminal or tablet within your department or organization. The CaloPix application will be particularly useful for multidisciplinary staff/staff meetings, offering direct access to your records from anywhere within your organization.

Accelerated analysis of your microscopic images

See all image analysis modules

A modular solution tailored to your requirements

Calopix viewer Calopix Viewer
View images and slides, create annotations, view analysis/test results

Calopix viewer Calopix Workstation
Management of laboratory work flow and access to a searchable database

Calopix viewer Calopix Research
Batch-by-batch processing and file-based image analysis 

Calopix viewer Calopix Advanced
Complete solution meeting all the requirements of the digital laboratory

CaloPix is compatible with the Laboratory Management Systems of all market suppliers and includes the digital slide formats of the major scanner manufacturers :

Leica Aperio - Hamamatsu - 3D Histec - Roche Ventana - Zeiss - Sakura

Diagnostic imaging for accurate microscopic analysis

Anatomopathological examinations consist of the microscopic analysis of cells or tissues sampled from an organ. This examination is used to establish a definitive diagnosis. Microscopic imaging is an essential component of the anatomopathological examination. It actually enables an accurate diagnosis to be established using cutting-edge technology. More and more pathology and bioscience departments are incorporating digital imaging and digital slides into their practice.

Image analysis modules created by TRIBVN Healthcare enable rigorous, automated and reproducible image quantification. As such, doctors save considerable time, especially when working with digital slides. Diagnosis is all the more accurate as the analysis is performed on a wider area of the image and so is more representative. As a result, the therapeutic pathway is more adequate and the patient's treatment is improved.

Also, in order to establish the best diagnosis possible, the doctor must be in possession of all information related to the case as well as all patient data. CaloPix means that all laboratory imaging can be grouped together on single interface through its connection to LMS. The diagnosis is more accurate and the doctor saves time as well as increasing productivity.

Finally, following an anatomopathological examination, doctors can write a report, presenting the results and features of the condition in question. The report sets out the evidence of the medical intervention and the traceability of the image analysis. Thanks to digital technology, doctors can present this traceability using the visual image evidence of their diagnostic findings.

Find out more about CaloPix

Find full and detailed information in the CaloPix brochure (PDF)

CaloPix is an in-vitro diagnostic medical device for managing and viewing tissue and cellular images for in-vitro diagnostic purposes as part of routine pathology practice. The CaloPix solution also enables tissue and cellular image processing for non-diagnostic purposes. It is designed for use by trained professionals. Please refer to the terms of use recommended by TRIBVN Healthcare. The software is registered as such in Europe and Canada. CaloPix is reserved for research purposes beyond the stated geographical zones. For any other use, please contact your sales representative.