Newsletter #3 – Digital imaging in oncology

On the road to Paris In June, Paris will host the 12th European Congress on Telepathology, now to be called the “European Congress on Digital Pathology”.

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The editorial from Jean-François POMEROL

This brings a number of thoughts to mind. Firstly, regarding the change of name. This clearly reflects the growing significance of imaging throughout the entire field of pathology, and not just in the area of telemedicine. The days of the pioneers, who exchanged just a few images on low-speed networks, are long gone. Today, telepathology exists, not only on the scale of entire regions such as the Ile-de-France (France) or Quebec (Canada),  but imaging is increasingly applied in research, training and diagnostics on a daily basis, in a constantly expanding range of applications.

Secondly, this European event is resolutely focussed on the benefits of new technologies within laboratories. This is a congress which highlights new practices in pathology, based upon specific cases and validation operations, and provides a forum for exchanges between pathologists, academics and industrial operators. This event is the European counterpart of the Pathology Visions Congress, which is held annually in the USA. Finally, the 2014 Congress will explore new and promising horizons. A number of investigative sessions will explore options for new medical practices, at the meeting point between knowledge modelling sciences and biophotonic technologies.

Sponsored by the French Pathology Society, the congress will take place in the College des Bernardins. As early as the 13th century, monks from all over Europe would travel here to study and share their expertise. Let us hope that, in the 21st century, numerous pathologists and histologists will find their way back to Paris.


Find out about Gustave Roussy testimony. The teams at the Gustave Roussy institute are sharing their experience in Digital Pathology, and reveal in details the different uses they have of digital imaging for the purpose of their oncology works.

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