CaloPix 3.2.0 is now available


Châtillon, France –Sunday 3rd September 2017 – TRIBVN Healthcare announced, during the European Congress of Pathology, the launch of the new version of its digital pathology workstation CaloPix 3.2.0

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TRIBVN Healthcare, a publisher of software solutions for diagnostic cellular and tissue imaging in the laboratory, announces the launch of the latest version of the CaloPix 3.2.0 software, which is dedicated to the management and analysis of images for diagnostic and clinical applications.

Version 3.2.0 of CaloPix is available from today. This is a major version, which represents the fruit of a year’s work, and incorporates highly significant improvements, both in the management of daily workflows and in the execution of complex image analyses.

CaloPix 3.2.0 features a complete reworking of the presentation of cases, and provides a dynamic vision of workflows, in conjunction with the Laboratory Information System (LIS). Scanned slides, case status indicators, analysis results, management of second opinions and requests using TeleSlide: at a glance, the user can identify the exact status of their cases, and can access the chosen case with a single click. The graphics interface has been optimized and simplified, access to information and digital slides has been accelerated, and the user experience has been improved.

In terms of image analysis, the investment in artificial intelligence has been pursued in greater detail. CaloPix now incorporates two algorithms, which are based on machine learning tools: Tissue Recognition for the segmentation of tissue classes, and Cells Recognition for the quantification of cell types. These algorithms function both with bright field and fluorescence slides and allow the user to select the appropriate colour deconvolution. Cells Recognition permits the quantification of up to five cell types, and the analysis of co-location and distribution of cells, thus making it a powerful tool for multiplexing analysis and immunotherapy. A new module has also been developed for the analysis of intra-cellular content: this module thus permits the analysis of slides in FISH, CISH and RNA Scope. CaloPix now provides versatile, high-performance and integrated algorithms for all tissue section analyses.

Finally, many features have been improved and added, including :

  • Dynamic creation of work lists in connection with the LIS
  • Ergonomic and functional redesign of the case view and detailed display of cases and slides statuses for an efficient dashboard
  • Development of a new tool for screening slides and touch screens support
  • New algorithm for CISH, FISH and RNA Scope slides
  • Extension of the machine learning approach on the cell analysis algorithm
  • Possibility to chain several macros on a series of slides in one click
  • Scheduler improvement with priority and error management
  • Sakura and Perkin Elmer slides formats support
  • Custom printing of images

With this new version, CaloPix now, more than ever, represents the best in class solution for the transition to digital technology in research and biopathological diagnostic laboratories.

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