Adopting digital pathology

Laboratories have been facing a number of new challenges over recent years, particularly due to the restructure of services and the increasing need for quality : The time has come to standardize practices.

TRIBVN Healthcare applies digital imaging to diagnostic services. We offer our clients imaging solutions for pathology and biosciences, including management of digital slides. The CaloPix management system connects you to all your laboratory’s imaging and interfaces with the Laboratory Management System to link images to patient records.

This configuration enables the significant improvement of your workflow and the quality of your diagnoses, thanks to:

  • Optimal circulation of information, data and images
  • Optimized work either remotely or within a network
  • Clinical applications to support diagnosis.

By linking CaloPix with Macro by TRIBVN,  we are able to provide our clients with turnkey solutions from image production to storage.


TRIBVN Healthcare provides pathology software solutions for the management of laboratory imaging whether it be microscopy, macroscopy or digital slides.

With CaloPix pathologists can view, annotate and compare pathology images. They can also use effective automated pathology image analysis modules to build complete image files for diagnostic purposes. Plus, with TeleSlide, pathologists can share their images securely, whether in response to an opinion request or for a remote first-line diagnosis.

Digital pathology is becoming increasingly present in laboratories and provides a new diagnosis perspective. It also enables personalized patient healthcare and the incorporation of anatomopathology into the treatment pathway. Newly developed digital pathology tools encourage collaboration and communication between specialists. They also facilitate fluidity of your workflow and simplify the organization of the laboratory.


Biological centers are becoming increasingly equipped in order to incorporate all diagnostic imaging. TRIBVN Healthcare equips hematology, parasitology and bioscience laboratories with software solutions, which include image digitization, viewing and sharing capabilities.

Producing biological images means patients can be monitored and along with their disease progression. When new samples are taken, doctors can actually access diagnostic images directly from the patient record. This functionality is enabled because CaloPix image management software is connected to the Laboratory Management Software. Biologists can therefore quickly identify the variations of a disease in full knowledge of the patient’s information, meaning they can take their previous history into account when making a diagnosis or reviewing their case.

They can refer directly to the images illustrating the medical report and no longer need to double-check slides. Digital biology therefore saves considerable time and is more effective on a daily basis.

Digital slides

Digital slides combine both microscopy and imaging. These high-resolution images allow an overview of the sample as well as the ability to zoom into the cellular level. They have become a key element in diagnosing as they offer assisted and shared reviewing of slides, making the diagnosis process more accurate and so more effective.

The use of digital slides is increasing with the progression of new technologies, which enable the creation of new tools for measuring, sharing and analyzing images. Evermore effective tools that help to modify medical practices.

Slide scanners available today have high image quality capabilities. Our software programs offer effective assistance with diagnosis and greater productivity.

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