Pharma & Biotech

TRIBVN Healthcare’s solutions supports Pharma & Biotech companies.

Our softwares allow the screening of biomarkers and move the research forward for treatments and companion tests.

They provide invaluable support for pre-clinical research. Slides sharing between different centres, teams and contract holders become straightforward. 

Quantification and interpretation gets more accurate thanks to image analysis algorithms for more precise diagnosis. 

Digital microscopy software CaloPix : designed to answer all your needs

  • Access images securely
  • Work remotely from multiple sites 
  • Quantify your slides automatically with image analysis algorithms
  • Screen digital slides from mutliple scanner formats (brighfield or immunofluorescence)

CaloPix offers easy data management with a confortable workflow as well as remote access and sharing of your work.

All the data flow is secured and the software supports various formats for an optimized efficiency. 

You can easily view your work and images remotely, or share them through the online based application CaloPix Pocket.

Discover the details of each algorithm to support your work.

We develop our algorithms with the latest Artificial Intelligence innovations to offer the best accuracy possible.

TRIBVN Healthcare helps you implementing them into your work in order to turn your images into meaningful data. They present easy handling so you do not need technical development skills to exploit them.

The solution provides the opportunity to:

  • Schedule and follow your different analysis according to your preferences
  • Check the results of your analysis with details and charts 
  • Export the results into tables in order to get all the insights 


Contact us to select the best solution for your project. Our team presents a long experience in implementing our softwares within your workflow. TRIBVN Healthcare offers a service with direct communication channels, a dedicated project manager and smooth reachability.