Academic research

Simplified research with automated quantification of biomarkers

TRIBVN Healthcare develops solutions for biomarkers quantification and identification, including image analysis algorithms that are fully automated and reproducible. Their features have been developed for all of your research activities.

Our imaging solutions increase productivity and the speed of your research thanks to :

  • High-speed work capability on a collection of slides
  • Robust slide analysis
  • Time-saving
  • New tools: companion tests for targeted therapy

Histopathology research

TRIBVN Healthcare software solutions help researchers improve the productivity of their quantitative histopathological research. Our automated image analysis modules are designed to meet our clients’ requirements. They support enumeration and accurate measurement thanks to screening technology, making processing a large collection of slides or a particular area of interest easier for researchers.

Work even faster thanks to the image and data management capabilities provided by CaloPix. All your biopathology imaging and related data can be centralized in a single searchable database, making it easier to compare, sort, arrange or search your slides.

The development of companion tests

Research laboratories are facing new challenges. Discovering and approving biomarkers to identify and select groups of homogeneous patients eligible for medication specifically suited to their illness will actually enable the development of increasingly personalized treatments. The development of targeted therapies is gaining traction and consequently companions tests are also being developed.

Linked to medications, biomarkers improve the quality and efficacy of therapeutic solutions. As well as offering targeted treatments they are also used for screening and collecting predictive information intended to help improve patient healthcare.

The increasing importance of companion tests reinforces the need for precise research, including the quantification of biomarkers. Image analysis algorithms created by TRIBVN Healthcare enable the rigorous and robust quantification of slides.  

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