Energize your pathology and biology training programs

Training is a fundamental part of the life of any doctor, both at university and throughout their professional career. Technology and techniques change, diseases evolve in different ways and the daily practice of a doctor is also changing. Offering rapid and easy access to training is essential in today’s climate, in which doctors are oversubscribed and lacking in sufficient time for training.

Digital imaging has gained a place in both in anatomopathology and biology. Digital pathology is becoming increasingly present in laboratories. It is gradually becoming a key element in training as it allows for a greater interactivity and dynamism. Digitization in teaching also helps avoid the need for repetitive travel, thus saving time.

Digital teaching means learners can be monitored more closely and training can be more effective :

  • Easier sharing of documents and images
  • Increased interactivity
  • Overall learner satisfaction and greater educational benefit
  • Savings in terms of resources and time

University training

At TRIBVN Healthcare we provide teaching solutions for the morphology disciplines. Our software solution TeleSlide MultiMedia allows teachers to post microscopic and macroscopic images and digital slides online and share them with their students. They can then use image files to create practical cases. Students are able to interact either individually or collaboratively as per their requirements, annotating images, responding to multiple-choice questionnaires and offering illustrated responses. All these functionalities can be applied during courses, taught classes or examinations, as well as practical work carried out by students at home. Plus, TeleSlide MultiMedia’s web conference module means supervised screening is possible.

A solution like this reduces course preparation time and hardware damage, thanks to digital imaging. It also optimizes classroom time through remote interaction capabilities.

Ongoing training

The TeleSlide MultiMedia software solution enables you to build practical cases around a given diagnostic issue. The aim of creating practical cases is to assess doctors’ skills and provide them with dynamic and interactive teaching methods. Doctors with extremely busy schedules are now able to take postgraduate courses remotely. Interactivity is the key word. Similar to university students, doctors can actually annotate images, respond to questionnaires or discuss specific cases with their colleagues. And TeleSlide MultiMedia’s web conference module means supervised screening is possible.

This solution offers a multitude of tools used for case studies and the assessment of knowledge and skills.

External quality assessment

For quality management purposes, laboratories can be subject to external quality assessments. This consists of comparing the analyses carried out by one laboratory with a sample from an external laboratory. Functionalities developed by TRIBVN Healthcare for the TeleSlide application facilitate the structuring of this assessment, particularly for the purposes of reviews as it enables review results to be collated.

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