CaloPix 4.0.0 officially launched

Châtillon, France – 11 October 2018 – TRIBVN Healthcare announces CaloPix 4.0.0 launch

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TRIBVN Healthcare, a leading provider for digital pathology software solution, announces the launch of its latest CaloPix 4.0.0 software version, dedicated to image management and analysis for diagnostic and clinical use.

This new version focuses on the efficiency of daily work and on artificial intelligence in quantification. “These innovations make the digital transition of laboratories even more efficient and position CaloPix as the essential tool in digital pathology.” says Jean-François Pomerol, TRIBVN Healthcare CEO.

The major improvements made by the new version benefit both clinical diagnostic and research users. They concern in particular:
Viewer: fast navigation speed, full screen display including tray view, new icon design, one-click image analysis from the viewer
  • Database: improvement of dynamic work lists, improvement of the slide tray view, possibility to write post-its-like notes on a case
  • Communication: sharing a case in one-click via a secure URL, creating a request for a consultation to a telepathology server directly from CaloPix and automatic recovery of the expertise report, possibility of sending and recovering cases between sites. The integration between CaloPix and TeleSlide is strengthened for easy exchanges.
  • CaloPix Pocket: the web portal has been enriched with access to dynamic work lists and enhanced ergonomics. It thus becomes a very easy intranet / extranet communication tool.
  • Tissue Recognition: the algorithm produces a tissue mapping that can be easily modified and moved on serial slides. The analysis regions with Heatmap and Invasion Margin are automatically created from this map.
  • Cell Recognition: the algorithm improves cell phenotyping both in bright field and fluorescence with the study of cells and their spatial environment. It now includes the recognition of anatomical cells and structures based on shape and color criteria.
  • The structure: the database has been optimized for managing large volumes of cases. Multispectral Perkin-Elmer, Zeiss and Olympus formats have been added, HL7 format is now supported for the LIS link and report images can be sent directly to a Dicom PACS.

As with its previous versions, TRIBVN Healthcare provides CaloPix 4.0.0 solution with CE DIV marking in Europe and Medical Device Class II in Canada. These regulatory requirements result in the supply of a validated product with safety and performance guarantees, including for diagnostic use.

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