Create telepathology networks with TeleSlide


Discover the web platform to organize your telepathology networks!… Read more

CaloPix 4.0.0 officially launched


Châtillon, France – 11 October 2018 – TRIBVN Healthcare announces CaloPix 4.0.0 launch… Read more

CaloPix 3.2.0 is now available


Châtillon, France –Sunday 3rd September 2017 – TRIBVN Healthcare announced, during the European Congress of Pathology, the launch of the new version of its digital pathology workstation CaloPix 3.2.0… Read more

TRIBVN Healthcare introduces the new ergonomic features of its TeleSlide MultiMedia software.


TRIBVN Healthcare, publishers of software solutions for diagnostic cellular and tissue imaging in the laboratory, introduce the latest version of their TeleSlide MultiMedia 4.0 software, which is dedicated to training activities in digital biology and pathology…. Read more

TRIBVN Healthcare has launch CaloPix 3.1.2 for diagnostic purposes


TRIBVN Healthcare announces the launch of CaloPix 3.1.2, the latest version of its software dedicated to the management and analysis of images for diagnostic uses.This new version is designed for everyday use, including in vitro diagnostic operations: faster, more ergonomic, and validated for clinical use, CaloPix is now, more than ever, an essential for pathologists in the field… Read more