At TRIBVN Healthcare we are fully committed to our high-quality and secure products and services.

Quality management

We have implemented a quality management system to guarantee the quality and security of all our applications. CaloPix has been a general use DM-DIV [in-vitro diagnostic] medical device since February 2015 in compliance with the requirements of European Directive 98/79/CEE. Similarly, CaloPix and TeleSlide are registered as class II medical instruments in Canada.

TRIBVN Healthcare has also been certified by LNE G-MED since August 2014 : ISO 13485 : 2016

Outside Europe and Canada, those products are only used for research.

Compliance with standards

IHE Pathology
TRIBVN Healthcare is a founding member of the IHE Pathology scheme. This scheme aims to improve the way in which IT systems share information in the healthcare sector. Among other things it encourages the coordinated use of established standards such as DICOM and HL7 in order to meet specific clinical requirements. These standards are then gradually incorporated into TRIBVN Healthcare solutions.

In 2006 the company helped create the DICOM committee working group 26, dedicated to laboratory imaging. Jacques Klossa, President of TRIBVN, was the Europe Vice-President from 2006 to 2014.

TRIBVN Healthcare supports and complies with the standardization of ADICP, which is Association pour le Développement de l’Informatique en Cytologie et en Anatomie Pathologiques, or Association for the Development of Informatics in Cytology and Pathology, and the codification of lesions. Today this work has been resumed by the IHE and ASIP (French Healthcare IT Agency) with the aim of contributing to a better circulation of information between manufacturers and professionals.

R&D Investment
At TRIBVN Healthcare we have maintained a high level of research & development since our creation, which means that today we have an innovative software platform adapted to the current market. New programs are regularly created for this platform, of which TRIBVN has been the industry leader, namely in artificial intelligence and cloud areas.

These regular programs translate TRIBVN Healthcare’s capacity to obtain high-level R&D funding and to mobilize a consortium of wide-ranging and undeniable skills. These developments are released as they are completed and ensure we continue to offer the highest standards on the market.

Service quality

TRIBVN Healthcare Assistance
From design to roll-out, TRIBVN Healthcare will assist you and help you to choose the best solution by providing expert advice. Furthermore, TRIBVN Healthcare guarantees quality control, compliance with regulatory benchmarks and a close working relationship with our clients throughout their projects.

In addition, each solution is accompanied by a specific training program suited to your requirements and to its intended users.

Guarantee & Maintenance
Your solutions are guaranteed for 1 year, giving you access to :

  • Assistance
    Access user support for any technical questions or advice.
  • Updates
    Receive regular software updates and enjoy new features.
  • After-sales support
    Receive quick support by contacting the TRIBVN Healthcare hotline. The hotline is available 5 days a week from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.

When your warranty expires, prolong the services you receive for a period of 3 to 5 years by arranging a maintenance agreement.

Quality evaluation

Finally, to help us to continually improve, share your feedback with us by completing our evaluation and satisfaction questionnaire. This will help us monitor and improve our skills and process so we can offer an even better service.
Share your opinions with us by completing the quality questionnaire.