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Promoting the development of innovation through the creation of a pathology and biosciences hub.

The Dijon Bourgogne University Hospital is a progressive institution focused on patient healthcare.


Since 2008, the CHU has boasted a new Technical Bioscience Facility (TBF).  It was created to optimize resources and pool laboratory skills. Centralizing services helps to improve diagnostic efficacy and promotes innovation. It has also enabled gains in productivity through the streamlining of facilities and production processes.  Plus, the TBF provides better traceability of samples and results. It helps optimize interaction between laboratories within a facility equipped with modern and secure apparatus and systems. The TBF is equipped with extremely effective digital imaging facilities not only to meet objectives but also to be at the forefront of modernity.

The solution :

We therefore implemented our Tribvn Healthcare image solutions within the pathology laboratory. We implemented our image management system, CaloPix, in order to ensure the simple and secure management of slides with the laboratory management system. Images are produced via the macroscopic system Macro by TRIBVN and captured using microscopic digital cameras.

Laboratories are also equipped with a slide scanner linked to CaloPix for producing digital slides. Thanks to the software and the bar code management system, slides are automatically indexed into the image database under the corresponding patient record number. Image work flows are now fully and securely tracked. The production of slides can now be duplicated and doctors are able to view and annotate slides on screen. Plus, thanks to the CaloPix Pocket web application, doctors can share their images outside of their department, enabling them to connect with clinicians.

Furthermore, in order to develop the cutting-edge work in line with the mission of a benchmark facility, we installed our telemedicine application TeleSlide in order to enable discussion between doctors at the regional level. They can now submit opinion requests in order to help improve the diagnostic accuracy of the most difficult clinical cases.

Benefits :

  • Information systems harmonization
  • Data and images centralization
  • Strengthened link with clinicians

Thanks to the implementation of all these new digital technologies, the pathology laboratory at the CHU of Dijon is a compliant and compatible space for modern and high-quality biopathology work.

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Users testify :

Pr Laurent Martin
Head of department (PU-PH)

« The implementation of a slides high throughput  digitalization system is part of the Pathology department development of the CHU de Dijon. »

« The solution implemented by TRIBVN company offers various advantages. It allows, within the department, an easy and secure management of the slides that are related to a LMS file. »

« Outside the department, images sharing with our clinicians collegues during multidisciplinary meetings where highly appreciated. »

Franck Ilgart
Project leader (Information systems department)

« Data storage, multiple dozen terabytes, did not require an important investment in terms of funding thanks to the technologies used by the application : a slow storage device like a NAS was enough.»

« The strong involvment and responsiveness of pathologists and TRIBVN company interlocutors in this project has allow to be compliant with the initial project schedule, while taking into account users needs»

Brigitte de Boulard
Health manager 

« The slides digitalization is a process that require human ressources. This is a new assignment that the head of the pathology department has to take into account. After having testing several configurations, we think that the technician is the most appropriate workforce to realize this task, which, in the near future, will allow the virtual distribution of the “trail”. This new position which have just been created, is thus including slides digitalization and related taskes: importation, checking and scoring. »