Twenty years of expertise in microscopic and macroscopic imaging and digital slides.

TRIBVN Healthcare is a subsidiary of TRIBVN, a company specializing in digital imaging technology. TRIBVN has always invested in research and development, particularly in optics and microscopics. In order to develop diagnostic and prognostic medicine we take a multidisciplinary approach, combining innovative biophotonic technology and semantic engineering.

Through our digitization work , we are also able to offer digitization services for large industrial, scientific and cultural image libraries.

We are a French company based in Châtillon in the South of Paris, employing around 30 people, all with various training and skills, including IT developers, engineers, biologists and a sales team. We are all committed to our innovative healthcare work.


The TRIBVN Healthcare Adventure



TRIBVN Healthcare raises 5 million euros from LBO France to finance its international expansion and the development of its AI solutions.


First client 100% digital

TRIBVN Healthcare equips a pathology laboratory with a fully digital workflow. Specialists perform all their diagnostics on screen with daily use of CaloPix.


Creation of the subsidiary to TRIBVN Healthcare

TRIBVN works alongside subsidiary TRIBVN Healthcare to aid our development and to give us the resources we need to fulfil our ambitions. CaloPix is approved for clinical studies such as Medical Devices for Pathological Diagnostics.


Approval of our CaloPix and TeleSlide solutions.

CaloPix has received the CE DMDIV symbol given to in-vitro diagnostic medical devices. CaloPix and TeleSlide are registered as Class II medical devices in Canada.


The launch of CaloPix

TRIBVN ICS was entirely redeveloped and improved to become CaloPix, your daily tool for the implementation of your digital laboratory.


First connection to the PACS & creation of the first image analysis modules

in relation to the acquisition of Samba technologies.

TRIBVN carried out the first connection between TRIBVN ICS, its imaging management software, and the laboratory PACS. The first image analysis modules were also developed that same year.


Launch of TeleSlide

TRIBVN launched its full-web platform dedicated to multimedia exchanges on the subjects of pathology and telemedicine.


ICS Client Server

TRIBVN ICS software became a client server and was rolled out to the Léon Bérard Center, which then became the first to be connected to the Hospital's IT system.


Creation of TRIBVN

TRIBVN began its work in medical imaging with the launch of the TRIBVN ICS software program. It was to be installed for the first time at the Ambroise Paré Hospital in Paris.