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Energising teaching in the field of biopathology through the inclusion of digital imaging.

The Université Paris Descartes offers training that covers all knowledge in both humanities and health sciences. Its healthcare center is renowned throughout Europe and worldwide, particularly for the quality of its training and the excellence of its research.

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To assist its transition towards digital education, Paris Descartes also chose TRIBVN Healthcare. The main aim was to expand the university’s e-learning platform, dedicated to the teaching of radiology, anatomopathology, hematology and histology.

The solution :

TRIBVN Healthcare therefore installed TeleSlide, the image share and exchange platform, in the university’s media library. This enables all digital imaging used as course materials to be viewed and managed, in particular digital pathology slides via the CaloPix software program.

The platform enables the creation of interactive practical cases based on images. Learners, students and professionals can therefore consult them and annotate them simultaneously as part of a network from university, their workplace or from home.

This configuration can also be installed for examinations for clinical case studies. As such, students can encounter professional clinical situations. They also benefit from more dynamic and interactive teaching as well as better assessment methods.

For teachers, course preparation time is optimized and teaching methods are revolutionized for the benefit of learners.

Benefits :

  • Concurrent connections to case studies
  • Teaching and learnings improved interactivity
  • Better use of time and ressources for teachers

TeleSlide MultiMedia is an innovative and effective diagnostic imaging solution dedicated to teaching. Digital imaging is now an essential part of the practice of medicine and is becoming indispensable to training doctors to be future practitioners.

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Users testify :

Dr Valérie Bardet
Hematologist at the University Hospitals of Central Paris (Cochin)
« Teachers and students have found that the TeleSlide platform is very powerful. During practical work, students can annotate the cells of interest and they are able to find them easily so to show their work to the teacher. The voting form used anonymously allows to collect students diagnostics so they can be presented during the correction. Users are very satisfied from the possibilities offered by the solution. »

Pr Jean-Louis Mégnien
Educational leader of the ICT program (Paris Descartes University)

« The student can analyse X-ray images and microscopic slides from any web browser, the application offers the same reading possibilities than imaging stations installed within hospitals. Clearly, this is a turning point in medical education based on digital imaging. These projects offer a promizing outlook regarding distance learning.»

Pr Olivier Hélénon
Head of  Adults Radiology department (Necker Hospital)

« The implementation of the radiology console allows the integration of a complete, didactic and interactive imaging into the teachers lessons. It is a major enhancement in teaching methods for radiologic semiology, students are placed in real work situations thanks to case studies stored into a PACS. »