TRIBVN Healthcare

Your digital pathology specialists

TRIBVN Healthcare develops software solutions for digital pathology. Innovative and validated, they allow the management, analysis and sharing of cellular images both for diagnostic laboratories and pharmaceutical & biotech manufacturers.

In the field of image analysis, our solutions are based on the latest innovations in terms of artificial intelligence, notably deep and machine learning algorithms. These tools support physicians and researchers in their diagnostic decision-making and scientific evaluation for the sake of patients.

In the field of sharing, our solutions implement full web tools to support our customers in their telepathology, teaching or multi-centric clinical validation activities.

Our Mission

For 20 years, we at TRIBVN Healthcare have been bringing our digital pathology expertise to the diagnostic imaging market. We design and supply solutions for the acquisition, management, processing and sharing of tissue and cellular diagnostic images. TRIBVN Healthcare operates in the fields of oncology, neurological conditions and metabolism. We equip both private and public healthcare facilities as well as private and university-based research centers.

Throughout our full range of products and services we are able to assist doctors and researchers with their diagnostic decision-making processes and scientific evaluations. Our aim is to improve patient healthcare.

And, thanks to our renowned expertise and our capacity for innovation, TRIBVN Healthcare is a European leader in digital pathology. We offer our clients solutions that incorporate all the latest technology.

Who are we ?

Our ambition

Our ambition is to become a world leader. To do this we are developing software solutions, some of which are the most effective on the market in both clinical digital imaging and research.

Our belief is that digital pathology is the best way to improve therapeutic decision-making and patient healthcare. This is made possible through innovative tools designed for accurate and precise diagnostics.

We share our knowledge and expertise in digital pathology. TRIBVN Healthcare is therefore an essential resource for healthcare professionals when adopting the major biopathological innovation that is : the digital laboratory.

Our values

Our Commitment

Acting with full transparency and integrity every day with clients and partners alike. Developing made-to-measure solutions in accordance with our clients’ expectations and providing regular follow-up to projects.


Creating added value by offering innovative solutions and new ways of working. Keeping abreast of and investing in research and development every day in order to incorporate the best technology into our solutions.

Safety and Security

Showing accountability towards all of our clients by guaranteeing strict compliance of our products with the requirements of the healthcare sector. Guaranteeing security of information in order to maintain the confidentiality of patient data.

Our Products

TRIBVN Healthcare designs and releases software solutions designed for digital pathology. The three ranges we offer meet all the requirements of the digital laboratory. They enable the production, management, analysis and sharing of imaging within the laboratory :

CaloPix is a laboratory-based image management system that displays, indexes and shares your images. This solution incorporates diagnostic imaging analysis methods.

TeleSlide is a platform for exchanging and sharing images and other biopathology documents. The application is particularly useful for teaching and telemedicine purposes.

MacroByTRIBVN is a macroscopic solution that automatically indexes images within your laboratory’s image management system.