Image Analysis

Our solutions CaloPix and TeleSlide integrate image analysis algorithms to support your work. Based on artificial intelligence, they are developed with the latest innovations in Machine learning. These preset algorithms automatically quantify great quantities of slides and allow you to:
  • Schedule and follow your different analysis according to your preferences
  • Check the results of your analysis with details, statistics and charts
  • Export the results into tables in order to get all the insights
TRIBVN Healthcare meets your needs to find the tailored solution according to your context and working environment. The Production team supports you in the selection and configuration of CaloPix or TeleSlide modules, as well as their implementation within your organization. Our team assists you with software training and remains at your disposal to answer your questions or with your outlook for the future.
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Available image analysis modules

Discover The Random Forest Tree technique: The performance of certain image analysis modules depends on their capacity to automatically learn the different tissue and cellular architectures present in an image. In order to improve this performance, these modules benefit from Machine Learning techniques.