Macro by TRIBVN

Improve the traceability of your microscopic analysis

Macro by TRIBVN is an integrated gross imaging viewing solution for your department. It automatically indexes images within your image management system.




Your complete macroscopic solution

Macro by TRIBVN is a gross imaging software and hardware solution:

  • A high-definition digital camera
  • A control interface
  • Accessories including a pedal and a bar code reader

The digital camera, linked to the specially designed control software, ensures high-definition image quality and simple fast operation for daily use.

A simple and effective tool

Integration with your Laboratory Management System :

  • Automated input
  • Automatic retrieval of patient identity
  • Full traceability of each gross image

Gross images can be processed immediately or at a later time by working in a local or remote network:

  • View
  • Annotate
  • Measure
  • Outline

Macro by TRIBVN is incorporated into your CaloPix image bank to enable comparisons with microscopic images.

    The importance of gross imaging

    In-depth grossing analysis is an essential part of examining a resected specimen. The specimen is analyzed, measured, weighed then dissected. This examination is of particular importance because it actually enables indications to be given regarding not only diagnosis but the areas to be sampled for microscopic analysis.

    Once samples for microscopic analysis have been taken, the remaining respected samples are kept for several days so that additional tests can be performed if required.

    Storage is therefore essential to gross imaging, the latter being the only long-term record of the resected specimen prior to and during its removal.

    The gross imaging solution Macro by TRIBVN developed by TRIBVN Healthcare includes the computer-based control of a HD camera. Doctors can use the pedal to capture images directly by viewing the screen. They can then make annotations, take remote measurements or create zones to ensure traceability of the sampling process.

    Once this solution is installed in a gross imaging bank or directly onto a department's grossing table, it enables images to be automatically indexed without having to touch the apparatus. It is incorporated directly into your laboratory's image management system.

    Plus, thanks to its network integration with the Laboratory Management System, doctors are able to view generated images at any time as well as add measurements or comments.

    Choose Macro by TRIBVN, your daily grossing tool for improved traceability.

    Find out more about Macro by TRIBVN

    Find full and detailed information in the Macro Brochure (PDF)