Facilitate your exchanges in pathology and biosciences

TeleSlide is a Cloud-based telepathology application. It is designed for sharing biopathological images and multimedia documents within pre-determined work groups.

Offering ever more innovative collaborative tools, TeleSlide energizes training programs for students and professionals as well as encouraging discussion.

The data traceability and archiving capability provided by the application means that a fully secure remote (extemporaneous) first-time diagnosis or consultation is possible, improving the quality of healthcare and reducing costs.

This interactive platform is completely modular and can be extended so that it integrates fully with your technology and your working environment.

TeleSlide MultiMedia

TeleSlide MultiMedia is an application server designed for teaching. This software enables the construction of completed training pathways, from the creation of practical cases for work involving the creation of clinical case files and knowledge assessment.

Ongoing training
Quality control

TeleSlide TeleMedecine

TeleSlide TeleMedecine is a document and image sharing application designed for telemedicine. The application is more specifically designed for pathology and biosciences. The main objective in developing this application is to ensure diagnostic continuity. Given the current climate of shortages in medical resources and the ultra-specialization of knowledge, there is an even greater need to make diagnoses quickly accessible.

Centralised review protocol
Extemporaneous examinations


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Find full and detailed information in the TeleSlide brochure (PDF)

As a web based application dedicated to images management and sharing, TeleSlide is not a medical device in Europe, but observes ISO 13485 standard regarding design and development rules. The solution is registered as a Class II medical device in Canada. TeleSlide is reserved for research purposes beyond the stated geographical zones. For any other use, please contact your sales representative.The solution is designed for use by trained professionals and medical students. Please refer to the terms of use recommended by TRIBVN Healthcare.