TeleSlide TeleMedicine

Various uses for telemedicine

TeleSlide TeleMedecine is a document and image sharing application designed for telemedicine. The application is more specifically designed for pathology and biosciences. The main objective in developing this application is to ensure diagnostic continuity. Given the current climate of shortages in medical resources and the ultra-specialization of knowledge, there is an even greater need to make diagnoses quickly accessible.

Thanks to TeleSlide TeleMedicine, doctors can easily exchange information about a clinical case. Doctors can use the application to forward a case file to colleagues that includes all the patient information and images necessary to establish a diagnosis. The application is therefore regularly used for opinion requests. It means a diagnosis of the more specific or difficult cases can be confirmed or ruled out. As such, the case is referred to the correct doctor at the right time, meaning better patient healthcare.

TeleSlide TeleMedicine also be used for remote extemporaneous examinations. If no pathologist is physically present, the microscopic slide prepared by the technician is actually scanned on site and the case then forwarded to an available pathologist at a different site, who then makes the diagnosis and sends it to the surgeon so they can continue with the operation. All tele-extemporaneous procedures comply with standard examination time frames, which is 30 minutes from taking the sample to receiving the diagnosis.

Connecting experts

The application means current telemedicine requirements can be met and networks of experts can be created. It allows the creation of case image review protocols for establishing consensus. The requesting doctor can actually create a file around a clinical case that contains patient data and diagnostic imaging. The file is then submitted to the network for review.

These functionalities promote rapid reactivity to diagnoses in urgent situations. They also meet requirements when it comes to the decision-making processes of colleagues and remote access.

Public and private healthcare facilities are therefore able to easily implement online networks of expertise. Similarly, it is now easy for them to quickly create opinion requests and submit them to remote reviewers. The use of TeleSlide TeleMedecine also enables the creation of knowledge bases that are particularly useful for continuous training.

The application ensures the complete management of telemedicine image streams and the standardization of practices. TeleSlide TeleMedicine is fully secure and guarantees the traceability of exchanges and information.