Digital Pathology softwares support diagnostic and research

Digital supports pathologists 

Digital slide analysis and management in CaloPix software

Digital pathology indicates the use of digital and computing solutions for the study of pathological cells and tissues with a microscope.

This solution allows the pathologist to acquire, manage, analyse and share the images of interest. Biological samples deposited on glass slides are scanned at high resolution in a scanner and then displayed on a screen. The pathologist studies them using software tools.

These tools are increasingly being used in laboratories because they allow doctors to:

  • save time
  • access accurate measurements and counts
  • work remotely
  • request the expertise of other doctors.

This includes data management, workflow, analysis of the areas of interest on the image and their results as well as remote sharing, allowing the collaboration of several specialists. 

A back-up for diagnosis, research and teaching 

The evolution of information and communication technologies makes it possible to constantly optimize the digital pathology tools offered to laboratories. These solutions can be used for diagnosis, research or teaching. They accompany pathologists by providing them with daily support in their work. Today, every laboratories should be able to use digital pathology solutions.

Optimisation of the working-time and enhanced efficiency

Digital pathology allows for increased efficiency and productivity in laboratories. This is an increasingly indispensable solution for them.

Once equipped, specialists are able to use annotation and analysis tools that provide precise support for identifying areas of interest and quantifying them on the scanned slides. They are also able to work remotely, share their images and invite another specialist to consult them for advice.

These solutions are easy to use because they are compatible with scanners and laboratory management systems. The pathologist’s workflow management is fully integrated with software solutions, which improves the organization and quality of his work.

These solutions can also be adapted for teaching to create customized educational programs for medical students. These programs are an effective response to the challenges of large enrolment, one-on-one learning and remote data access. 

TRIBVN Healthcare, an attentive supplier to laboratories’ needs

The performance of these solutions depends on the infrastructure that supports them. Digital pathology requires

  • the management of very large volumes of data
  • intuitive workflow management that is optimized for the user
  • precise and adapted data analysis support.
These three points are the essential needs we meet by constantly improving our solutions. To this end, we make use of technological advances, particularly in terms of artificial intelligence.


TRIBVN Healthcare offers several digital pathology software solutions that are customized according to the needs of the laboratory: