Image analysis with Morphometry

The image is segmented according to luminance, hue and mathematical morphological criteria leading to an exhaustive description of tissues and cells. It can be applied to both brightfield and fluo images. 

Morphometry allows the creation of various analysis macros. It is commonly used for the quantification of fibrosis, nuclei, histological structures, cellular bodies…


The protocol :

The different stages of image analysis using the Morphometry algorithm are as follows :

  • Image segmentation
    Luminance segmentation is done on one of the colorimetric axes. This stage enables any elements not constituting objects for analysis to be hidden.
  • Image segmentation
    A second segmentation based on hue is then carried out.
  • Application of morphomathematical operators
    Analysis is refined by applying morphomathematical criteria such as smoothing, erosion and dilation, watershed, size, etc.

Results present the number of segmented objects as well as the surface area occupied by the objects. They include a description of each of the objects. An ROA can be carried out from the segmentation mask.