Image analysis with Vessels

The purpose of this program is to quantify the blood vessels present in a slide’s region of analysis. This means the Mean Vascular Density or MVD (number of objects per mm²) on a type CD34 IHC slide can be determined.


The protocol :

The stages of image analysis using the Vessel algorithm are as follows :

  • Identification of the color plane
    The algorithm carries out automatic color deconvolution (DAB/H or AEC/H). This deconvolution can subsequently be adjusted by the user.
  • Image segmentation
    The image segmentation process enables the identification of all vessels that are to be analyzed. This process is carried out automatically and can subsequently be refined using a cursor.
  • Definition of analytical parameters of vessels
    During this stage, vessels are reconstituted from stained membranes. To do this, the analytical parameters are adjusted. Objects are filtered according to their size and the fragmented elements are connected in order to reconstruct the vessels by closing.

The overall results of the analysis present the number of vessels present in the region of analysis, the tissue and vascular surface, the density and average surface, the proportion of the surface occupied by vessels and the median vascular surface.

Analyzed objects are then individualized and described one by one according to morphological parameters: the surface and outer perimeter of each vessel, the length of the vessel’s largest axle, etc.