Newsletter #6 – Highlight on canadian projetcs

The newsletter N°6 highlights canadian projetcs. This newsletter includes both the exemplary testimony of research teams from the University Hospital of Quebec, and the announcement of a partnership with the University of Montreal for the adoption of digital pathology, a partnership to which we will return in 2017.

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Editorial from Jean-François POMEROL

Since 2014, pathology and histology teams at the University Hospital of Quebec have been using the CaloPix solution for the identification and quantification of biomarkers on tissue sections. This solution has been deployed on a collegiate basis, with close collaboration between users at the University Hospital and engineers at TRIBVN Healthcare. Specifically, this solution permits the generation of robust quantitative results in support of research works published in leading journals.

Accordingly, feedback from this experience is highly instructive. This newsletter also highlights the latest versions of our products. Robust and efficient products reflect the spirit of innovation which drives us : in 2016, major new versions of both CaloPix and TeleSlide have been launched.

CaloPix has improved its performance capabilities in the interests of easier everyday use, and can now lay claim to diagnostic capability, following the award of the CE mark for an IVD device.

TeleSlide has been entirely redesigned in the interests of easier use, with a more up-do-date interface.

In terms of image analysis, products have been expanded to include elements derived from machine learning, thereby permitting the constitution of learning bases for robust and rapid quantification. The newsletter reflects the manner in which tools produced by TRIBVN Healthcare improve the workflow of pathologists and researchers, and satisfy requirements for the efficiency, security and reliability of services.
These issues are of critical importance to diagnostics and oncology, and innovation is progressively enhancing the performance capabilities of solutions : find out how you could benefit from digital pathology in your everyday work, and come and talk to us at our autumn trade fairs.


Read about the testimony of  the University Hospital of Québec-Université Laval. The CRIUCPQ and CRCHU research teams at Quebec-UL share their experience in digital pathology, in particular, in the quantification of immunohistochemistry digitized slides.

Product news

  • TeleSlide 4.0: A new ergonomics
  • CaloPix 3.1.2: Now intended for in vitro diagnostic use
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