Newsletter n°8 – Discover the telepathology network MESOPATH

Our Newsletter N°8 presents the telepathology network MESOPATH, a group of experts, specialists in the histological and cytopathological diagnosis of mesothelioma (the white book is available here). It also covers the release of the latest version of TeleSlide as well as automatic slides quantification with CaloPix software. 

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Editorial from Jean-François POMEROL

2018 is already well advanced and many are wondering whether pathology laboratories will finally begin their transition to digital slides reading. Because manufacturers have invested a lot, publications are legion and regulatory authorities have recognized this approach. There is a proliferation of projects and many pathology departments have launched ambitious transition programs. Being a lot in the field I notice that if the solutions needed are available, there is still a lot of work to validate in situ, on a daily basis, the use and benefits of the digital pathology transition. This transition has value only if the entire organization of the service is revisited. Three components are essential to the success of these projects: medical leadership, internal human resources to manage and carry out new tasks, and support from an industrial player with project management and global integration capacity. TRIBVN Healthcare will be hosting a webinar on this topic at the beginning of fall and I already invite you to attend. In the meantime, you can read the white paper on Mesopath, a typical example of a project that has combined these elements to transform a medical vision into a benefit for the group of pathologists and patients.

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Contents of the newsletter:

MESOPATH – A connected network of experts

Product news:
TeleSlide 4.1.0 : optimized for education
Automatic Slides Analysis with CaloPix

Read the white book: MESOPATH, when telepathology supports the Mesothelioma national excellence center

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