Image analysis with TMA

TMA Crop and Score is designed for processing TMA (Tissue Micro Array) digital slides. The algorithm enables the spots in the bloc being processed to be scored using manual annotation or automatic quantification.


The protocol :

The stages of image analysis with the TMA Crop and Score algorithm are as follows :

  • Import of manufacturing data for the block
    The theoretical TMA grid is therefore superimposed onto the digital slide image.
  • Quick alignment of the grid corners onto the image
    The alignment occurs through displacement or alteration of the grid.
  • Automatic centering
    The grid is then automatically centered onto the image spots.
  • Creation and individualization of the spot images
    After alignment, the system generates digital images for each of the spots. This enables the metadata for each spot to be managed individually.
  • Manual scoring with adapted viewer and inter-slide synchronization within the same block
    This stage enables the comparison of markers on the same spot.
  • Automatic quantification
    Spots can be automatically quantified thanks to the algorithm featured in our software program CaloPix.
  • Export of information for statistical processing.

The results can then be exported into a summary Excel file. This contains all the data for each of the spots.